Wednesday, 17 July 2013

The New Sabre G300 Grinder

The New Sabre G300 Grinder

We launched our Sabre 300 floor grinder, it felt good to be producing our own floor grinding equipment again.

Years ago we used to make all our own machines such as the FT250 scabbler, things changed and we started supplying ready made machines from another company.
As the years have passed and PWM has grown in size, becoming more widely known across the flooring industry. Paul (the director) decided the time was right, during an economic depression that we would start designing and making our own machines again.
2 months later and the first of the Sabre grinders came to life, with a few months of design and prep work and trial and error, drawing from over 30 years of experience, listening to the feedback of hundreds if not thousands of customer and contractors in the flooring trade. Paul designed a grinder specifically for the flooring trade that would be durable yet affordable, powerful and effective while still making the design as bomb (contractor) proof as possible.
The first design was ready for fabrication, orders where placed for all the tools, equipment and materials that we would need to make 5 machines. We were confident in the design and the quality of the materials selected, waiting for everything to arrive was exciting and slightly worrying at the same time.
Finally everything arrived and we started assembling everything together, everything went together smoothly with the only slight hiccup was a different shaped motor was needed to fit into the chassis.
Next came the moment of truth, we had a few questions running through our mind prior to testing, would it work? Would it be powerful enough? Would it be aggressive enough?
We where presently surprised! Its powerful, its aggressive, its reliable and it works even better than we expected, needless to say we are very happy with our latest machine, a week after our final test we sold our first Sabre 300.
Demo Video

We are so happy with the Sabre 300 we are starting design work on a smaller 220mm grinder and 2 larger 450mm and 600mm wide machines all in the same style and design as our original Sabre 300.

The TV50 Hard Man Industrial Vacuum

The TV50 (the vacuum in the middle)

The TV50 is the hard man of the vacuum world when you want a vacuum that can keep up with the hard work of a contractor, that can be thrown in the back of a van and it just asks for more abuse.
Then the TV50 is the vacuum for you, with its powerful 1400w head, light but incredibly strong body and chassis means it can get bashed and beaten and still do all your floor grinding, edging work and crack chasing dust free.
So you’re a professional contractor, you have all the big machinery that grinds concrete fast and effectively; you have the tools and equipment to work dust free.
You hit a problem, some edging work needs to be done but your big industrial vacuum is being used by your blaster or floor grinder. The TV50 can be pulled out of the van or the boot of a car and you can be grinding away in minutes, no setup time just plug the hose in, make sure the bag is on and away you go.
We have heard some pretty crazy war stories when it comes to the TV50 about the way people have abused them over the years and are amazed that the thing still works! People have knocked them over with forklifts, vans, car, we even heard a story of how one guy managed to knock a TV50 off the roof of a house where he was mortar raking.
The great thing was that it still worked! The frame was a little dented but the vacuum worked fine!
  • Robust and highly portable - moulded body on a steel chassis. Highly durable, yet manageable size and weight.
  • Efficient  - cyclonic action reduces the quantity of dust drawn against the filter.
  • Low noise levels – TV50 features low noise levels
  • Fast filter cleaning - reverse air pulse cleaning is fast and highly efficient – the filter is not removed for cleaning.
  • Bagged waste – secure collection and safe disposal of waste
Spoke to Rob, very happy with the two TV50’s which he purchased from you 10 years ago. We have now supplied him a new motor & head for one of the units the other is still going strong.
Best regards
10 years! That’s an incredible lifespan for a vacuum of this price.
How about 11 years?
A.W. Fuller
“Best piece of kit I have ever bought!”
Mr Fuller has been using the TV50 11 years and today after years of use bought a new vacuum head for the first time!
“Hi Paul
I feel I must tell you that I am over the moon with the TV50 and C-Tec cutting cowl. I used it for the first time today, and was amazed how well it worked. It’s worth its weight in gold. Thanks very much.
Regards Phil Hone.”
These vacuums last a lifetime and after years of use the brushes sometimes need replacing, Mr Evans contacted asking for some brushes and we had them delivered the next day, he was quite pleased.
“Thank you very much for your prompt response and service, I received the parts today. Excellent service, got us back up and running.
Gethin Evans”
Our aftercare service is second to non, you can count on us to deliver the parts you need when you need them.
Back to the TV50 its a light, robust very portable and a very hard working vacuum, with thousands sold we have never had to replace any chassis or moulded body’s, the cyclonic action of the vacuum body greatly reduces the amount of dust drawn against the filter, with its low noise and fast effective “reverse pulse” filter cleaning you can’t go wrong with the TV50 when it comes to dust free grinding, edging and concrete work.
TV50, TV50E, TV50P
The TV50 and the TV50E are almost exactly the same, with the TV50E having a smaller lighter chassis making it easier to manoeuvre and a bit cheaper to.
The TV50P is the bigger brother of the TV50, the TV50P sits on its own trolley with a pre separator which takes out a large amount of the dust and debris before it even reaches the TV50 which increases operating time between filter cleaning. We recommend using the TV50P when grinding very dusty concrete and floors.
110 volt1400W
230 volt1400W
Cleaningreverse air pulse
Hose38mm diameter
H x W x D110 x 43 x 41 cm
Weight19 kg TV5017 kg TV50E
39 kg TV50P
Cost and Packages
Complete Edging Kit£499 (save £100)
Dust Free Channel Cutting£535 (Save £151.99)
For DistributionManufacturing and Sales please call us on: 01405 862688

The Argument – Quality V Price

The Argument – Quality V Price

We were recently approached by a long standing customer, Zircon Flooring Ltd., regarding the possibility of refurbishing an elderly machine. The oldest of their CT250 Planers was performing as well as ever but over the fifteen years of regular use it had collected a few battle scars and was looking a little bit tired. Zircon Flooring always try to present a clean, tidy, professional image and were mindful that some of their older equipment was falling below their high standards of presentation. The question was whether a machine that has worked hard and given good service could be made presentable and restored to perfect working order at a reasonable cost.
We decided to investigate the possibilities. Would a small investment in time, parts and paint convert a tired fifteen year old machine into an “as new” machine with the potential to give good service for another five to ten years?
The CT250 Planer was dismantled down to the last nut, bolt and washer and then all major parts were inspected for wear and serviceability. A small crack was found on the handle bar assembly that required welding. All other components were in surprisingly good condition.
The motor and switchgear were the original items fitted from new and are probably good for another fifteen years hard use! The motor was cleaned, and resprayed while the switch gear was simply cleaned.
Front and back wheels were worn and considering the low cost for replacements new ones were fitted.
The bearings in the belt tensioning idler pulley were a little noisy and were replaced.
The height adjustment handle was damaged and the threaded mechanism was not operating smoothly. Nothing that a few minutes in the lathe couldn't sort out! The result was a height control system that worked as smoothly as the day it was first fitted.
The drive shaft support bearing was replaced as the grease seal was showing signs of leaking. Far better to replace the bearing while the machine was stripped down, it is then a simple, quick, straightforward operation.
We decided to shot blast and powder coat the main chassis and ancillary parts. Powder coating is a very durable attractive finish and for a small investment the results are outstanding. The photograph surely justifies this expense!

The total cost of all replacement parts and the powder coating came to approximately £500. The end result surely vindicates the decision to go ahead with the renovation. Zircon Flooring have a machine that will not embarrass them on site and rather than the wasteful option of scrapping a basically sound machine they can now look forward to many more years of low cost ownership.
The question you must now consider is whether there is ever any justification for buying on price alone. Many times over the years we have lost sales for the CT250 based purely on price, usually the difference has been a few hundred pounds. How can saving a few hundred pounds of capital expenditure be justified over a life expectancy of fifteen plus years?
A short time after finishing this project another good customer phoned with a similar request. He had a perfectly good Delta II grinder that was used regularly and was is perfect working order. His only problem was the machine looked tired and he was afraid his company was projecting the wrong image. Age of the grinder – fifteen years. Just about the entire machine including the motor and bearings were the original components. The drive belt, dust skirt and flexible couplings are the only spare parts that have been required during a very productive fifteen years on site.
Austerity measures or not we can see a theme developing here…… As our grandparents have always told us “you get what you pay for”…..  What price quality when it comes to investing in surface preparation equipment  We will never have the lowest priced equipment but we are always happy to justify our prices and to back them up with low cost ownership and longevity.